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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

   Well,  it's been a rough couple of weeks for me as well as many others due to being ill with the flu. It's been a brutal flu season this year and while many people got their flu shot, it was only 43% effective in covering the predominate strain this year, which has turned out to be influenza A (H3N2).
  The flu season is beginning to wind down a little now in Oklahoma but it has hit our state especially hard this year affecting so many people of all ages. Since September there have been 827 confirmed cases of the flu and as of February 9th, 2017 there have been 23 deaths.
   As for me, I am feeling much better than before but still not quite up to par. I feel a little weaker than normal, so I've began beefing up my vitamin regimen including one of my favorites,  Emergen - C. It comes in a box of pre-measured, individual packets and is a powder type formula that you can mix with water. It is packed with 1,000 mg. of Vitamin C plus 78 other vitamins, antioxidants,electrolytes and essential nutrients. It's fizzy while it's dissolving,tastes great and is very refreshing. I like the super-orange flavor best.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

 Have you ever had Peace Lilies ? They are the perfect indoor plants.
   Peace Lilies are such a beautiful focal point and create the perfect ambiance of serenity. Their presence produces an aura of tranquility. I just love them  😊💗 They not only add a gorgeous designer touch to any room but they also cleanse the indoor air of harmful contaminants.
   I love their broad glossy deep green leaves and when the flowers mature, they are gorgeous white blooms shaped like the head of a cobra.
   They're sturdy plants and easy to care for too. They need very little sunlight to thrive. That’s another reason that makes them an excellent choice for an indoor plant. They require only a small amount of filtered light. I keep mine under a hanging lamp light and they thrive. They do best if you water them only once per week as long as the soil is moist, they're good. Too much watering will kill them, so it's better to keep the soil lightly moist. I fertilize mine once every other month and they continue to thrive.
  The peace lily is an ever-green so it keeps it’s large glossy green leaves and creamy colored floral's all year long and the flowers last a long time before new growth takes its place. They are very low maintenance, a perennial plant and last indefinitely.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Went to visit my daughter and while driving back home, I ended up traveling alongside this speeding train which was transporting huge windmill parts. Pretty unique, so I thought I would share it with you. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Had A Really Good Day

  Had a really good day. I got up early and scouted the flea markets in a couple of nearby towns. Ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for quite a while and spent some time together catching up and of course traveling down memory lane. 😊 Made plans to run into each other same time, same place next month. I'm looking forward to it.
  While grazing through the junk and treasures, I found an adorable little antique table in very good condition except for the top which some precious little child had at some point in time, decided to grace it's beauty with their artwork. By the looks of it, I'm guessing the little artist was about four or five years old. 😏 I plan to restore the top and in doing so will escalate the value and beauty of this rare find. 
  Here are a couple of pictures of my special find.

Like I said, I had a really good day and I hope you had a good one too. I'm a little tired and sleepy now and ready to snuggle under the covers and get a good nights sleep. Talk to you again tomorrow. Good night.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Feeling like I need a little spice in my life today

 I think sauces are perfect to give meats and vegetables that extra layer of flavor.

Barbecue sauce is a favorite of mine and the perfect food companion especially because it can be added after cooking or during the cooking process.
  I would like to share my most often used barbecue sauce recipe with you. It's been a favorite at grill outs for years and sometimes I brush a little of this sauce onto  baked chicken, roast and pork, just to add an extra burst of flavor plus it makes a great dipping sauce and is super simple to prepare.
   Click Here for the recipe

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sweet, Tender Moments

  Well, it's February 1st already; it seems like we just opened our Christmas gifts, had a family celebration, complete with a feast fit for a king and have barely had time to take a deep breath after packing and safely storing away the Christmas decorations and there they will remain, awaiting their reemergence next year....oh wait....that would be later this year; What happened to January ? Oh yes, now I remember, January is recovery month, a much needed rest and much deserved winding down from all the power shopping and celebrating :) .
   Like I said, we are now entering the month of February. It's blustery and cold outside today but it warms my heart to think about the approaching of Valentine's day, arriving in a couple of weeks.
   Memories stir inside of me with visions of the past. The earliest being that of exchanging colorful and cute Valentine's Day cards at school, followed by a class party complete with heart shaped cookies and cakes. I have vivid memories of carefully going through each Valentine card, choosing and signing the perfect card to give to each one of my classmates.  Seems like yesterday. I also remember the anticipation building as this special day of love, hearts and sweets grew near. It always makes me have warm and tender thoughts of others, from the past and the present.
   Do you remember those young, sweet days so long ago ? Do you remember exchanging colorful little Valentine cards similar to these when you were very young?  Does it make you smile inside? It does me and so I will enjoy these almost forgotten, sweet moments.