Have you ever had Peace Lilies ? They are the perfect indoor plants.
   Peace Lilies are such a beautiful focal point and create the perfect ambiance of serenity. Their presence produces an aura of tranquility. I just love them  ðŸ˜ŠðŸ’— They not only add a gorgeous designer touch to any room but they also cleanse the indoor air of harmful contaminants.
   I love their broad glossy deep green leaves and when the flowers mature, they are gorgeous white blooms shaped like the head of a cobra.
   They're sturdy plants and easy to care for too. They need very little sunlight to thrive. That’s another reason that makes them an excellent choice for an indoor plant. They require only a small amount of filtered light. I keep mine under a hanging lamp light and they thrive. They do best if you water them only once per week as long as the soil is moist, they're good. Too much watering will kill them, so it's better to keep the soil lightly moist. I fertilize mine once every other month and they continue to thrive.
  The peace lily is an ever-green so it keeps it’s large glossy green leaves and creamy colored floral's all year long and the flowers last a long time before new growth takes its place. They are very low maintenance, a perennial plant and last indefinitely.