Sweet, Tender Moments

  Well, it's February 1st already; it seems like we just opened our Christmas gifts, had a family celebration, complete with a feast fit for a king and have barely had time to take a deep breath after packing and safely storing away the Christmas decorations and there they will remain, awaiting their reemergence next year....oh wait....that would be later this year; What happened to January ? Oh yes, now I remember, January is recovery month, a much needed rest and much deserved winding down from all the power shopping and celebrating :) .
   Like I said, we are now entering the month of February. It's blustery and cold outside today but it warms my heart to think about the approaching of Valentine's day, arriving in a couple of weeks.
   Memories stir inside of me with visions of the past. The earliest being that of exchanging colorful and cute Valentine's Day cards at school, followed by a class party complete with heart shaped cookies and cakes. I have vivid memories of carefully going through each Valentine card, choosing and signing the perfect card to give to each one of my classmates.  Seems like yesterday. I also remember the anticipation building as this special day of love, hearts and sweets grew near. It always makes me have warm and tender thoughts of others, from the past and the present.
   Do you remember those young, sweet days so long ago ? Do you remember exchanging colorful little Valentine cards similar to these when you were very young?  Does it make you smile inside? It does me and so I will enjoy these almost forgotten, sweet moments.